this week, Bentley showed off the allnew Continental GT. With a 626hp W12 under the hood, its able to hit 60 mph in a mere 3.6 secondsquicker than theMercedesAMG S65 Coupe. Inside, the redesigned interior wraps you in highend quilted leather, wood trim, and metal accents. Theres also a new rotating display that hides the infotainment system when it isnt needed. Its ridiculously cool even if its entirely unnecessary.
While Bentley isnt delivering new Continental GTs just yet, it did just launch its online configurator. And that means its time to figure out exactly how youd spec your car.
First, theres the paint color. Bentley offers 17 different colors as standard. But why stick with a standard color like Portofino or Thunder when you could have one of the 13 available extended paint selections? Forget Camel. At least spring for Verdant.

Of course, then you have to pick the right wheels. There are eight options to choose from, but we say go big or go home. Skip all five 21inch wheels and pick one of the three 22inch Mulliner Driving Specification wheels. Were partial to the polished alloys, but you cant go wrong with the other two, either.
Next, you have to pick the leather. But unlike a normal car, you have to decide on a main leather, a secondary leather, and how you want the colors split. There are 13 main hides and 10 secondary hides, all of which can be configured five different ways. Once thats done, you have to pick the wood for your cabin because, well, what Bentley would be complete without an acre of wood trim? There are eight kinds of wood to choose from, as well as the option to pick between a single finish and a dual finish. Do you want Liquid Amber over Piano Black or Piano Black over Liquid Amber? Deciding can be so hard.

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